Friday, September 22, 2017

Dorm Styles — Styling Your Dorm Room For A New School Year

Back to school is a wild time of year. Schedules get thrown into disarray, nerves are at maximum capacity, and the whirlwind of exertion proceeds well into the holiday season. There is one exception to the harried back-to-school horde, however, and that is the college student, thrilled at the opportunity to decorate a brand new dorm room. Whether you’re a returning student bent on incorporating new trends into your interior dorm design or a freshman with a flair for decorating, making a small indistinct dorm room into a living space full of personality and warmth is worth every bit of effort.

Start with a color pallet of 3-5 colors, including one light neutral and one dark neutral. Once you've committed to a color scheme, many of your design elements will fall flawlessly in place.

Regardless of whether or not your room is carpeted, consider a flashy throw rug to anchor your space with a bit of frivolity. Busy patterns will mask all the inevitable blemishes your rug will acquire and are a great way to incorporate more than one color from your palette.

Put effort into dressing your windows. An easy drape in a complementary color can transform a wall from drab to show-stopping. Fun details like valances or decorative ties can elevate a basic curtain to an almost ostentatious level.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Simple Ways To Redecorate For Fall

When autumn arrives, it brings with it distinct changes in color and light. For those of us who dress our interiors according to the season, this means big changes. Summer functionality often doesn't effectively make the transition to cooler fall months. Sheer curtains, bare floors, and sparse interior lighting are all wonderful ways to maximize the summer atmosphere, but with shorter, windier, colder days on the horizon, moving away from these summer-specific design elements is essential.

The quickest way to create a cozy feeling is with plush decorative pillows and voluptuous throws in vibrant hues. If you have an established color palette for your home, fall can be a fun time to experiment with patterns and textures. If you are developing a new palette, you can take inspiration from Oregon's resplendent fall symphony of colors.

Summer window sheers should be swapped out for a more substantial drape, shutter or honeycomb shades and blinds. These window treatments help insulate your interiors from the growing cold, as well as increase home value. Each can also be customized to reflect your home palette.

While bare floors can be refreshing in the summer months, a few luxurious area rugs can make your space more inviting and comfortable in the autumn. Faux fur rugs are a fun way to incorporate a fall trend into your existing design.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Finding The Best Patterns For Your Home Design

Creating the perfect design for your home starts with a color palette. Once you've narrowed down your color choices and have both accent colors and supporting neutrals, bringing patterns into the mix is a snap. Bold patterns can bring a loud, dynamic element into your home design, while more subdued patterns can be quietly engaging — either way, smart patterns should complement every other detail in the room.

For smaller rooms, bright bold patterns can be distracting and overbearing in large doses. If dynamic color is one of the main themes in your home design, avoid boisterous patterns in your small rooms and instead opt for pops of color with textures to match. Committing to a patterned accent wall or attention demanding drape may lead you into a classic design conundrum; having too much design for too small a space.

In larger spaces, there is more room to experiment with light, color, texture, and pattern. In a large space, you can mix patterns to create interesting tension, experiment with unexpected textures and hues and generally play a bit more with your balance. One caveat to hold dear when employing new design elements is that everything in the room should be connected in some small way — be it by color, pattern, texture or all of the above.

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Window Treatments To Help Protect Your Home From Unsafe Air

While the Columbia Gorge smolders, residents of the Willamette Valley are left wondering how the quality of the air will affect their health and well-being. Smoke and ash can infiltrate our homes, automobiles, our places of work and our favorite leisure spots. Protecting our lungs from the damaging effects of the Eagle Creek fire is the vital responsibility of each Portland area resident, but aside from wearing a mask when you're out of doors on particularly smoky days, what can you do to protect yourself?

Taking measures to protect our homes from penetrating smoke should begin with your windows and doors. Older homes can have gaps in window and door frames that acrid smoke can stream through. Certain window treatments, however, can help protect your home/office/workplace. Consider these few treatments that may help keep smoke out of your spaces.

Plantation shutters add an extra layer of protection to the interior of your home and when fitted precisely can boost your home's value as well.

Cellular shades have considerable heft, although light passes easily through them. They are efficient in insulating your home from excessive heat and cold as well as helpful in protecting your space from external pollutants.

Roman shades are also weighty enough to effectively block window gaps that may allow smoke and ash to seep into your home.

Consult with a window treatment professional before deciding on a protective window treatment. The team at Cindy's Window Fashions would love to assist you in choosing your new efficient window treatments, call us today for a free consultation.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Creating The Perfect Color Palette For Your Home

When you're engaging in home design as a novice, there are a handful of tips and tricks that will serve you well. Arguably the most important tip is to give considerable thought to your end design. Neophyte decorators may endeavor into designs that never truly feel complete or synchronous. It is all too easy to impulsively fill your spaces with things you find appealing at the moment, and doing so does not guarantee a space will have the intended effect of considerate home design and decoration. Creating a loose plan will help you on your way to achieving the design of your dreams.

Carefully consider what inspires you. Creating Pinterest boards full of your favorite home design images is a start. Once you have a basic idea of what your end game is, you should now create a color palette that will inform the rest of your home design decisions.

Creating said palette is more than just choosing a few colors that appeal to you. You should be considering balance and nuance, how shades complement each other and work together in harmony. You should also consider how these hues will be interpreted in textile texture and pattern. Loud colors that make a bold statement can brighten up a room and bestow it with a fun personality, but unless that color is balanced by something a bit quieter, you may end up with a room more suited to a carnival sideshow than a functional household.

If you're a houseplant aficionado, pale colors that reflect natural light will serve you better than verdant tones. If you collect visual art, neutral shades will make your pieces pop. If you're a color fanatic, choose one or two bold shades and play them against complementary neutrals.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

3 Easy Home Design Updates For Fall

Autumn is once again upon us and for many home design enthusiasts that means packing away summer design elements and thinking about your fall home updates. Pacific Northwest fall brings with it spectacular colors via changing leaves, brisk winds, and cooler temperatures. The Northwest in fall can be incredibly inspirational to your fall design scheme. From colors, textures and patterns to functionality and efficiency.

When temperatures begin to dip, the throw blankets that went mostly unused for our historically hot summer can finally make their celebrated re-appearance. Pair your favorite throws with a handful of new decorative pillows in the shades that best complement your home to create cozy spaces to enjoy the cold weather from inside.

One of our favorite emerging fall trends is the stylish addition of faux fur throw rugs. These rugs are 100% cruelty-free and available in such a wide range of colors and textures — from muppet chic to authentic Ozark — that there truly is an option for every small room.

Heavy drapes or insulating blinds are a stylish way to update your windows for the upcoming cold weather. Custom draperies can be created to match your existing home textiles seamlessly, while honeycomb shades are energy efficient, insulating your windows without sacrificing natural light.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

International Trends In Window Treatments

There are plenty of timeless ways to dress a window. Classic window fashions that never go out of style are always a safe bet when decorating, however, there is something to be said for the trends of the day.

As trends in home fashion emerge, it can be easy to cherry pick elements, integrate them into your existing design, and thus render them "timeless" or "classic." Several of those trends will themselves prove to have staying power, but these are our favorite recent emerging trends in window fashions.

Cellular shades, which encompass many styles, are a trend we love for their versatility, effortless style, and energy efficiency. These shades encompass Duette, Honeycomb, and Pleated shades and can be created in a full spectrum of colors. These shades are primed to become the de facto window covering, usurping fragile plastic vertical blinds as the go-to window treatment for homes and apartments.

Woven wood shades have a naturalistic edge that makes them popular with millennial home decorators. They are every bit as functional as cellular shades, but the aesthetic these shades impart is earthy and bohemian without being too flower-child chic.

Roller shades are the best of function and fashion, giving the occupant complete control over light and privacy. These also offer endless opportunities for customization.

When redecorating, think first of how your windows are dressed. 


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